Are You Ready To Become The Potential-U?
Welcome to this epic life transformation program that empowers you to organize and prioritize
your health and wellness while giving you the skills to build the business of your dreams, so you can achieve the body, lifestyle, wealth, and happiness you have always dreamed of and keep your results forever!
This is for you if:
 YOU are Ready, Willing, Committed and Invested to do what it takes to achieveyour goals this year!

This is the last program you will ever need to finally have a health transformation that will stick. 
You will stop falling into the deception hole,
and be able to finally get off of the yo-yo fad diet & exercise hamster wheel!
You will finally have all the coaching, support and accountability system you will need
to transform your health for LIFE! 

3 Mompreneurs Share Their Health, Lifestyle & Business Transformation Stories!

"Matt changed my life. His coaching helped my whole family to change the way we look at food. With his high energy and understanding of the mom mindset, Matt helped me lose a 6 pants sizes. My husband lost 50 lbs, and my mom, who has tried every program on the planet, lost 30 lbs in 4 months. His plan works." 

- Kate T - Mom of 2
"I learned a lot of amazing systems to implement, and the biggest game changer was the support! I have a lot more energy, to make healthy meals, and to play with my kids. My mindset now is way better because I am feeling so much better. A side bonus was I lost over 20 lbs of baby weight! Another huge win was I got through my first six postpartum months without going on antidepressants." 
- Briar M - Mom of 2

The 5 Elements of The Potential-U Blueprint:
1. Mindset Mastery 
2. Oxygen Mask Accelerator
3. Quality Movement Motivator
4. Environment Enhancement
5. Living On Purpose 
We create an individualized road map together using some 
or all of these elements to get you epic results 
that stick for LIFE!

Mindset Mastery
Mindset Mastery solves the biggest problem that we all have. We let our minds get the best of us, talk ourselves out of reaching our goals and living in our full potential. And if you don’t understand your mind or have someone to coach you through the mindset deception points then we get stuck, plateau for too long, fail and give up. So in The Potential-U program we help you understand the mind better and lock arms with you to get through the tough mental times.

Another challenge many people have is difficulty knowing exactly what they want, and creating an actual focused/detailed/designed vision for their future, and why that is so important to them. So we take what we will do on the transformation call and create something that you can use daily that will keep you focused on what you want instead of what you don’t. Bottom line, the clearer our target the easier it will be to hit it. Many people don’t achieve their goals because they are shooting at a target they can’t see. Our mind is like a heat seeking missile, if we have a really detailed plan then our focus will go there, and in turn our energy and action will flow there, and help us achieve our goals faster and with less resistance.

In this phase we will also examine our life story thus far to see if there is any hidden clues that could help us jump some old hurdles immediately! We also have a perpetual story that our mind has been telling us for a long time and we will capture it, examine it and rewrite anything that isn’t serving us so that we can rewire and create a more empowering mindset and message that you can now send yourself everyday. We will also investigate our meanings and rules around, food, exercise, relationships, environment, and what you want to get out of this life. Then over time, shift your paradigm (aka your perception) which is the most game changing piece. Mastering your mindset will teach you that your minds #1 job is to keep you safe, and unfortunately many times inadvertently sabotage you.  And honestly once you become aware of this stuff you will start noticing it in all the areas of your life. I am still continuously learning through this process of self reflection and it consistently improves my ability to evolve into the person I truly want to become.

We are able to take mindset mastery a gigantic step further! This part of the program is so important because your success in any area of your life is based on your subconscious habits. Therefore, we go straight to the source and figure out where the problem habits started, re-frame and give new meanings to past events, and install brand new empowering beliefs. Then we create an individualized transformational audio recording that you can use daily to break the old subconscious habits and solidify the new empowering habits.

No matter the issue/problem habit, no matter how long you have had it, we can create massive breakthroughs with RTT that finally get you the long lasting results in any area of your life that you have always dreamed of!
There are so many things I can say about how this program helped me! First, the accountability was key. I lost almost 20 lbs and a bunch of inches. I dropped 4 sizes and that was something I had never done before! I have much more energy and I have always been an anxious person, but about six weeks into implementing these strategies my anxiety went away. I am sleeping better and now even my kids and husband are eating better!
Brandi B - Mom of 2  
Matt helped me to overcome a lot of my gut health issues. A lot of the things that I was eating that I thought were healthy were actually causing a lot of my problems. He really helped improve my mindset and focus on what I can control and should be doing. I got my energy back, my skin cleared up, my digestion is a thousand times better, and I feel better. I have much better control over my emotional eating. Thank you so much Matt I don't know where I would be without you!
Lindsay L - Mom of 2
I was really tired, sluggish and lacking confidence. I felt STUCK! I had a frustrating relationship with food that led me to pack on so much weight and I felt like I lost a part of me. I pretty much just felt depressed. Now after going through the program I feel like I can finally breathe again. The program taught me the importance of prepping and got me to try food I had never had before. I am so thankful for the giant boost of natural energy I have now so I can play with my kid. My confidence is coming back in a huge way and I find that most days my face hurts from smiling because I am just so much happier!
Meghan L - Mom of 1
I had a brand new baby 2 months prior and a 4 year old at home and was really struggling. I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and needed something to help me get control of my situation. At a time when everyone needed something of me I decided to do something for myself and it gave me the confidence I needed to get "ME" back. I released all my baby weight and then some and gained a whole new confidence around food. This program gave me control of something during a crazy time of my life. I highly recommend investing in yourself even if it feels uncomfortable, your entire family will benefit.
Corinne T - Mom of 2

Oxygen Mask Accelerator
Their will be an intensive 90 days of the program that focuses on accelerating the adoption of the basics of mindset, nutrition, stress/tension reduction, self love, compassion, and care habits that are the foundation of your personal growth.

I work with a ton of people (85% of them are busy mom’s) that have been putting everyone else’s needs before their own! They are exhausted, burnt out, uncomfortable in their bodies, frustrated with their life situation, and hate lashing out on the ones they love, and they don't know how to change it.

 It is very counter-intuitive for many of us to focus on ourselves when we have so many other responsibilities and people that need our attention. However, I have seen it time and time again, client after client, adopt and trust this process and become a better mom, dad, wife, husband, family member, coworker, etc… because they PUT THERE OWN OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST!

If you don’t put your oxygen mask on first (aka make yourself the # 1 priority) then you can never be the best most authentic version of yourself for all the people you love, serve, and care for on a daily basis.

This is not SELFISH, it is imperative for you to survive, not burn out, thrive  and show up more intentionally, happy, rested, and 100% engaged in the people and things that you love.

Does this mean you can’t help and serve others? No Way!  
I recommend you keep helping others, and just make sure your self care needs come first.  
Will this be easy? NO
Will it be 100% worth it? HELL YES! 
This is all about balancing others needs with your own. 

You are Valuable!
You are Worth it!
You are Strong!
You make a Difference!
You are ENOUGH!

So we are going to teach you how to start showing up for YOU.  
And make keeping promises to yourself a priority.

When you put your oxygen mask on first you will be so much better at taking action to improve your mindset, nutrition, movement, environment,  career, lifestyle, etc…, so you can start living the life you truly want to LIVE! 
Of course it all starts with committing to invest in yourself and put your oxygen mask on first!
I was a really picky eater! Before this I felt tired physically, mentally, and emotionally. And I now know what it means to live a truly healthy lifestyle. My energy has drastically improved, I lost 21 lbs and 17 inches, and I have grown professionally and left one job and got a brand new one! I learned how to become a better me for my family and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.
Diana M - Mom of 2
I was stuck in a depression cycle of emotional eating. I knew what needed to be done but had trouble getting over the hump to start doing it. Once I started implementing the systems, I noticed I had energy and was up before my morning alarm clock. My pants started getting looser, I had less indigestion, I could finally wear my wedding rings again, and have way more patience with my kids. In 90 days I lost 20 lbs & 22 inches!
Becky B - Mom of Twins

Quality Movement Motivator
When people try to improve their health or transform their body the first  place they start is join a gym. 
Then 1 of 4 things happens: 

1. They never go
2. They go until they reach their short term goal
3. They become really fit, but not necessarily healthy
4. They focus on all the components of health, get a personal trainer,
make it part of their identity and exercise and live an epically healthy life.

Many (not all) people I talk to fall into category 1, 2 or 3 and can’t figure out  how to make movement a lifestyle and combine it with the other areas of health we are talking about to achieve their goals and make them stick.

I ran a fitness facility for 6 years and the BIGGEST issues/problems I observed were: 

1. People punishing themselves for nutritional slip ups
2. People not moving well and trying to pain their way to results
3. People not knowing how to do particular exercises and the muscles
that need to be working in order to get the results they want
4. People trying to change their physical body and performance without
dialing in the nutrition and mindset pieces 
5. People wanting to sacrifice the journey of learning movement quality
to pursue short term physique goals that can’t be attained through fitness alone
6. And people hiring personal trainers at $80-100/hr to work them out for $600-800/month, but not teaching them how to do it on their own or give them the other keys to how to have a physical transformation.

So at my fitness facility and in The Potential-U program the goal is to change the paradigm of exercise to: 
2. Be open & honest about what it will take to get there
3. Quality movement focus = move well then move often
4. Focus on what the body can do vs how the body looks
5. Screen & track progress and progressively load accordingly
6. Exercise is a celebration and expression of love for your body
7. Teach the key movements, exercise technique and get the correct muscles working to stay safe while striving for your goals
8. Understand that there is no one size fits all
9. Create individualized programs and progressions
10. Create time conscious programs that can be done in 20 minutes or less and in your own home (or at a gym setting)
11. Chance to have a qualified coach observe you moving to check for understanding, give feedback and continue the growth accordingly

So in the quality movement motivator we will examine movement and the who, what, where, why, when and how of implementing an appropriate, doable program that fits with your lifestyle that allows you to make moving a priority.
I can't say enough positive things about this program and what it has done for me emotionally, physically, and overall mindset. I wanted to improve my image professionally and knew I needed to put a lot of focus into my health. This program helped me get to the root cause of most of my challenges. In 90 days I released 40 lbs and 27 inches! I feel better and have more energy which has translated into a better work and home life.
Andy B - Dad of Twins
The last 10 years I was getting heavier and I tried other programs but it wasn't getting me the results I was looking for. When I jumped into the program I was excited and the program helped me stay on track and the best part that made it easy was that I was never hungry. I am down 30 lbs and a ton of inches, and all my friends that I haven't seen in a long time were blown away by my transformation!
Alex K - Dad of 2
Environment Enhancer
One of the most important areas that is often overlooked when trying to have a health transformation is your environment.

Let’s define Environment - the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.

Everything that we surround ourselves with on a regular basis has a huge effect on our current growth/development, health and happiness.

So we will help you by examining, adapting and enhancing your environment, so you can achieve the atmosphere that will allow you to maintain the long term and lasting health and happiness results you want.

From your relationships with family and friends, to your living area, to social media and the evening news and much more. We are going to look at what is happening in your world and whether or not it is serving your personal growth and helping your health & wellness transformation stick and thrive, 
or holding you back and standing in your way!

Living On Purpose
Have you ever woke up one morning and been like “how did I get here, to this age, with this stuff, and these kids, etc….” it was kind of like life sort of just happened to you.

Maybe you have been following someone else's plan for your whole life?

Maybe you have achieved everything you have wanted so far and are just feeling stuck like “What’s Next"?

Or Maybe you have always wanted to change careers or be your own boss, but just don’t know how to make that transition and/or what you would do once you did make the jump.

This is where the Living On Purpose element comes in!

If you are interested we will examine your current lifestyle and career situation, review what is bringing you joy and the things you would like to change, and adapt and evolve accordingly.

Now if you feel totally content in this area, we don’t even need to touch it.  But if you describe your life as “just fine” then we may need to take a deeper look.

Because honestly we had a 1 and a 400 trillion chance of being born and do  you really want to waste time here being “just fine”? 
Do you want to live the life on your terms, by your design, living out your dreams, no matter how scary they may be?

No one should die with their music still inside of them!
No one should settle for just mediocre!
No one should feel stuck in life or live someone else's life!

So if you are ready to start Living On Purpose then this element will  definitely be the key piece to bring all the elements together!
The 6 Key Fail-Safe Program Aspects  
That My Members Receive To Ensure
Access to our year long nutrition coaching, personal trainer individualized exercise program, and daily tracking application which:

Sends you daily quick health enhancing information

● Allows you to track whether you are on or off track to achieve your goals/habits

● Allows you to track your body stats monthly

● Is where I will design an individualized workout plan just for YOU based on your
limitation, needs and requirements.

● Gives you the ultimate accountability tool, where your coach can see everything you are doing and reach out if you are falling behind.

($9,000+ Value)

Access to 100+ (and growing) Learning Modules in the The Potential-U membership sites:

you can access on your time to teach everything and support you when you need it.

(Value $2,500)

Access to 2 Ultimate Private Facebook Groups:

Ask any question and get it answered within 24 hours or less

● Have an phenomenal community of growth minded people that are going through exactly what you are and veterans who have already gone through it to help you overcome hurdles. 

● Share endless amounts of recipes, quick tips, and emotional support.

● Coaches will be in there coaching people on a regular basis.

These are the places were our amazing members support each other's health, lifestyle and business journeys.
This is many member's favorite part of the program and say it is priceless!

($4,000+ Value)
4 Mindset, Health, and Lifestyle Solution Session Zoom Calls a Month

You will get on the spot coaching and all the support you will ever need from Matt, other coaches, and peers. 

● If you can’t make the call they are recorded and posted within 24 hours. 

($3,000+ Value)

One 1 on 1 Call a Month with your Accountability Coach 

● To review your progress and
individualize your future plan to keep you on track, support you and hold you accountable to achieve whatever goal YOU are working on.

● And if you need more 1 on 1 time with Matt we can customize your program accordingly. 

($4,000 Value)
 Messaging Coaches 

● You have that burning question but it is personal and confidential so you don't want to share it with the group...
You can simply send a FB message to any of the coaches and get a response ASAP :)

 ($3,000 Value)
Total Value = $15,500+
But you will only invest a small fraction of this to transform your health and lifestyle! 
Matt Travis  - Creator of The Potential-U
Matt has been a full time physical educator for 14 years and ran a thriving  fitness facility for 6 years, before transitioning to The Potential-U online health and lifestyle program 2 years ago.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree in science (PE & Health) at Keene State College. He achieved his Master’s degree in science (PE & Health) at Emporia State University. Matt has done non-stop personal and professional development including many other nutritional, physical, and mindset certifications, which have added to his skill set, and yet he has found that the best experience he has had is working with the 1,000’s of 
adults and kids over the past 14 years to help them achieve their goals.
I'm BUSY (working full time, new parent, etc).  Will The Potential-U program still work for me?
Please know that we built this program with the busiest people in mind (most of our members are mom’s) -- Matt built his business on the side of his full time teaching role, and scaled the business as a new dad. Our goal is not to give you more work, but help you leverage the time you *do* have in a more effective and strategic way. We recommend that you prioritize the Weekly Live Calls and take action during your normal working hours on the things discussed on the calls.
How will The Potential-U help me organize and prioritize my health, wellness, and lifestyle?
If you join the 'TPU' program, your very first step is an Orientation Call with ME. On that call, we will discuss with you where you are at as of today and your big goals for the next 12 months. From there, you will be placed into the programs ‘First Steps’ to get you moving on the right track. That track, coupled with your Weekly Coaching Calls, Facebook Group, Monthly 1 on 1, and in person mastermind days will be the springboard to your fastest health leap.
What is the return on my investment in the program?
The average ROI starts at the end of the first 90 days! So many people have gone through the first 90 days and had so many many big wins like, improved mood, healthier skin, more energy, weight release, better fitting clothes, kids and family eating better, etc… etc… , now I can’t guarantee specific results because every human is different. What I can guarantee is that if you do the work, you will make some epic habit changes that can drastically alter your future health and lifestyle. Some people even decide to transition to new careers and opportunities to make more money. And the amount you could potentially save on health bills can’t be understated. Lastly, I hear time and time again from past members that their family is healthier and happier than they have ever been before (“my kids are finally eating healthier options”), and as a parent I can’t think of a better ROI.
How do I know if The Potential-U program is right for me?
If you’re a individual that is ready to commit to taking the next steps that will lead to a health and lifestyle transformation, and you’re ready for change and for results, THIS IS FOR YOU! We take the habits you already have and turn you into a problem solving, growth mindset, health prioritizing superstar. What we need from you is your 100% commitment to yourself and to follow through on the systems we will teach you. Lastly, we do a transformation call with each person to make sure that this program is the right fit for them and then we can determine if this is truly right for you :)
I’m not sure if you can support my specific situation…
Between 2006 and the time you are reading this, I have worked with thousands of different people with so many different individualized needs. To give you a few examples, obesity, autoimmunity, diabetic, MS, GI issues, weight gain, weight loss, improved performance, and the list goes on.... I am not a doctor and I don’t pretend to be one and I don’t prescribe specific diets and exercise programs to heal things. I do listen, support, guide, empower and coach you through your health and lifestyle journey and give you the best 
scientific and personal experience I can give to meet your specific situation.
How long do I have access to the program?
You have 6-12 months to work through the program depending on the time you need to achieve your goals. You will work with a coach who will refer you to the appropriate parts of the TPU for YOU and your needs.
What if I want more one-on-one support with Matt?
You always have the option of upgrading to more coaching support with Matt! Simply let us know, and we’ll set it up!
Like what you see so far?!?!

Click the link below to schedule a 1 on 1 Transformation Strategy Session Call where we will get really clear on exactly what your needs are to figure out the right program for you :)
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